Powerbrake X-Line Big Brake Kits

The design philosophy behind our X-Line big brake kits is: Exceptional Performance - Extreme Durability - Unmatched Value. The "X" in the product name hints at the crossover nature of the product. Although Powerbrake X-Line big brake kits were originally designed for motor sport applications, the use of a number of innovative features mean that the exact same kits can be used for daily street and track day use as well. In other words there is absolutely no difference in the big brake kits that we supply to street, track day or works race customers. By simply fitting the correct brake pad compounds for your application (for which our engineers will gladly make recommendations based on our extensive brake dyno and on-car test program) our X-Line big brake kits can be used for just about any street, track day, race or off-road application. Maximum performance and durability under race conditions were key design targets during development of our X-Line kits. As a result our X-Line kits have proven themselves world-wide, in some of the toughest motor sport events on the planet, to offer a combination of excellent brake performance and unmatched durability. Used successfully in race applications including the Dakar Rally, V8 SuperCars, Touring Cars, Super Production Car racing, GT Challenge and many more. Powerbrake X-Line big brake kits offer class-leading performance and durability as well as unmatched value for money.

What sets our X-Line big brake kits apart from many other dedicated, race-only kits is that we have included numerous features into the calipers, rotor assemblies and hoses that make our X-Line kits suitable for long-term street and track day use as well. All our X-Line calipers feature high temperature internal wiper seals (not found on dedicated race-only calipers). This means that our X-Line kits can also be used by street and track day enthusiasts for years without concerns about road debris interfering with the pressure seals in the calipers (as is often the case when trying to run dedicated race calipers on street for extended periods). The proprietary SASS-float system employed in the 2-piece floating disc assemblies in our X-Line kits delivers all the benefits of a full floating disc assembly, while running quiet during street use (whithout any of the annoying rattles or noises normally associated with running full-floating discs on the street). The same SASS-float system significantly reduces piston knock-back during track day or race use.

Extensive use of stainless steel components and fittings in our X-Line big brake kits means that few, if any, competitive products will offer similar levels of corrosion resistance. All fittings used in the stainless steel braided Teflon brake lines in our kits are machined from stainless steel. As are the bleed screws, tube nuts, abutment plates, pad retention pins, anti-vibration springs and pistons in all our X-line calipers. This extensive use of stainless steel components in our X-Line big brake kits costs a lot more than the plated steel components that our competitors use but follows our design philosophy of: Extreme Durability. The only hardware components used in our X-Line big brake kits that are not manufactured from stainless steel are the high-tensile caliper cross-bolts used in our X-Line calipers. We coat these bolts with a proprietary black coating that provides unmatched corrosion resistance (up to 1000 hours salt spray ISO 9227), chemical resistance and exceptional coating durability, while having zero effect on bolt strength or service life at all. Again this level of investment on our part shows our dedication to achieving class leading durability and service life.

All CAD design, 3D modeling, structural analysis and CNC manufacturing is carried out in facilities under our direct control. New brake kit development is aided by the use of state of the art co-ordinate measuring equipment that allows us to measure up new vehicle platforms and feed this dimensional information directly into our CAD design and 3D modeling software with an accuracy of 0.002mm. Investment in this level of equipment allows us to rapidly prototype and develop brake kits for new vehicle applications.

Only the very highest grades of raw materials are used in the manufacture of our X-Line kits, ranging from the aerospace-grade aluminum alloys used for our caliper and bracket production, to the proprietary cast-iron alloys used in the production of our X-Line discs. Our X-Line 2-piece rotors undergo multiple stress-relieving processes during manufacture to ensure maximum resistance to distortion and cracking. In addition to this, the staggered cooling vane design and heavy-duty plate walls featured in the disc design ensure max disc service life under extreme brake conditions.

Every single component used in the manufacture of our X-Line calipers, ranging from our ultra-high-temp caliper seals, to our heavy duty stainless steel caliper pistons, to our seamless CuNi crossover tubes are designed with maximum performance and maximum durability in mind. As a result, our X-Line calipers and rotors have earned a reputation for unmatched durability and have often outlasted competitive components 2 or 3 times under race use.

With our X-Line big brake kits we have managed to bring pro-level race brake systems, featuring high-level billet race calipers and cutting-edge 2-piece floating race discs, to the market at prices that bring our kits within reach of the grassroots race community as well as street and track day enthusiasts. In a feature for feature comparison, the components in our X-Line kits easily compare with high-end "big brand" brake kits costing up to three times more than our X-Line kits.

Brake balance

Our big brake kits are each tailored to suite the target vehicle in question. This involves careful software modeling of correct brake balance/bias, brake torque outputs and pedal travel using proprietary brake simulation software developed in-house by Powerbrake. The result is that caliper piston diameters are carefully specified to match the brake actuation and overall brake system on the target vehicle in question. Brake balance is optimized to ensure maximum brake performance and vehicle stability. We do not try and make the 'closest off-the-shelf' caliper work for a new vehicle platform (as is the case with many other big brake kit manufacturers). The calipers in each of our kits are manufactured specifically for the target vehicle in question.

Pad compound availability

Our calipers are all designed around pad profiles that are available from all major street and race pad manufacturers, so the availability of pad compound options to the vehicle owner will be no problem, wherever they may be in the world. Powerbrake has an extensive database of pad compound test data covering most high-performance street and race pad compound available on the world market. The data has been developed over many years of brake dyno and on-car testing of pad compounds. Our pad test program is permanently testing new pad materials. We are therefore in a position to make qualified recommendations on the pad compounds that we feel would best suite a particular application, after discussing the brake system, brake balance, vehicle weight distribution, actuation, tyre choice and intended use (i.e. street, track day or race) with each customer.